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Organic Raw Honey Coconut Oil Mask and Chickpea Flour Exfoliant January 3, 2011

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This weekend I realized that parts of my forehead and nose were getting dry patches and they appeared to be spreading. I wanted to do an OCM treatment but I know from past experience my entire face does not respond well to OCM. The last time I tried the OCM method I used castor oil and grapeseed oil and I had mixed results. My forehead loved it but my cheeks HATED IT. So I put off doing more treatments until I could come up with a solution.

For the past 5 months I have been washing my face exclusively with organic raw honey and toning the oily spots with Apple Cider vinegar and treating my dry spots with Coconut Oil.

I put coconut oil on the dry patch after I’ve washed with honey and while my skin still damp. I like leaving the honey on my face while I brush my teeth or take my shower. I am so impressed with how the coconut oil works on my dry patches and I’m convinced that its helped to prevent me from having a full Dermatitis episode. My face is clear and soft without breakouts.

Since the weather has been very cold and harsh, my skin has been more dry and patchy than normal and I need to do something more to keep moisture in. I decided to mix the honey and coconut oil together and leave on my dry spots for about 10 mins and then to reduce the greasy build-up left behind and to remove any dead skin cells I exfoliated with chickpea flower.

I’d never used chickpea flour before alone as an exfoliant because I thought it was to mild to have any real impact on my skin, boy was I wrong. Chickpea flour is very mild but it does a wonderful job exfoliating skin.

After I finished rinsing the product off my face, I treated the dry patches again with Coconut Oil and the oily part of my skin with Apple Cider Vinegar.

Simple Honey Coconut Mask and Chickpea flour Exfoliant

2-3 Tablespoons of Organic Raw Honey
1 tablespoon of Organic Coconut Oil
1-2 teaspoons of Chickpea flour

Standard Use:

Mix honey and oil together and smooth on damp face. Leave on for 10-15 mins.
Damp face again with lukewarm water and gently rub skin in an upward circular motion with chickpea flour
Rince off product with lukewarm water and then splash face with cool water to close pores.

Follow with toner and moisturizer.

The results: smooth moisturized skin!

This will be a staple in my winter  skin care regime.