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Flaxseed Gel January 2, 2011

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Flaxseed Gel

Flax seed Gel is the only gel that actually works for my hair.  I’ve tried all gels from:  EcoStyler to IciFantasia to no name brands and nothing holds my twist better than my all natural homemade concoction. This recipe always give my hair a nice medium hold, without my hair becoming  hard or flaky.  And best of all — it’s all natural!!!

Flaxseed Gel Recipe

One Cup of Flaxseeds

Two Cups of Water

Plastic bowl

Plastic tongs

1 Cheap thin Nylon (works better in my opinion than strainer)

2 tablespoons of Castor Oil

2 teaspoons of Aragon Oil (I used pure oil– not the mixture you get @ some beauty supply stores) if you don’t have Aragon oil you can also use Jojoba Oil.

2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera Juice

5 drops of Vitamin E

10 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil

10 drops of Sage Essential Oil

7 drops of Tea Tree Oil Essential Oil

7 drops of Basil Essential Oil

7 drops of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (or your Favorite EO)

5 drops of Rosewood Essential Oil  (or your Favorite EO)

7 drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil  (or your Favorite EO)

Directions: Combine Flaxseeds and water in pot and boil. Continue to boil until mucus of flaxseeds is at a consistency of gel (or to your personal preference).

Strain gel into bowl. Carefully pour mixture into bowl. Remove nylon stocking from rim of bowl and use tongs to gently push gel through stocking and into bowl.  Once gel in bowl add all other ingredients!  Refrigerate when not using.

Feel free to add or delete ingredients to make gel to your personal liking!

I hope you find the recipe helpful!


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